Much of the time involved in the process surrounding cyber security assessments, primarily SOC 2, involves inventorying the systems being used, the cyber security controls in place, people in place and assessing vulnerabilities. CyberCentric's core technology has been performing all of those critical task seamlessly for many enterprise customers over the past year. After receiving many request from many companies requesting to use our technology for SOC 2 compliance audits, we decided to offer a solution to the demand. Our approach on the SOC 2 compliance space involves the utilization of our technology combined with the expertise of our third party security assessment partner companies that have been performing SOC2 assessments for years. Due to the ability of our technology to automate much of the process involved in SOC 2 compliance, we can perform the process within 50-60% less time than other providers at nearly half the cost. Get in touch to learn more!

Product Features

Continuous Monitoring

CyberCentric's SOC2 Auditing solution not only provides you with an initial report, but the platform continues to monitor your organization and ensure's that you remain compliant.

Automated Controls

During a SOC2 audit, your organization will be asked to remediate a number of issues found across the company regarding controls, processes, and vulnerability remediation. Audit's performed with CyberCentric will remediate the vast majority of issues for your organization with minimal work required by your internal team.

Time is Money

Audits performed with the CyberCentric technology can typically be performed in 50-60% less time than other SOC 2 audits which translates into a huge cost reduction for customers.

Experienced Technical Auditors

SOC 2 audits performed through CyberCentric uses auditors with 5+ years of similar work and senior technical certifications such as CISSP and GXPN.

3rd Party Vendor Auditing

Our system allows company's to manage precisely how 3rd party vendors are using their most sensitive data. Apply for a demo to learn more!

On-Premises or in the cloud

Our system can either be deployed within your organizations private data center, or in the cloud. No matter where our clients decide to deploy, we ensure that the system is up and running within 24 hours. 

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