We've reimagined the process of securing your network.

At the heart of our technology is an AI engine, Hector, that we've been working on since 2015. Nearly, one million lines of code later, our system was rolled out for deployment in early 2017. We're working with some of the most noteworthy Fortune 100 organizations and federal agencies in order offer an unprecedented ability to discover hidden data silos of sensitive data and preventing that data from being used by authorized parties or systems. With CyberCentric, only those authorized to view and/or use your most sensitive data will ever have access to it. We hold our technology's details close, and for this reason, the best way to fully understand the CyberCentric platform is to see it in action for yourself. Request a product demo today!

Product Features

Prevent Unauthorized Access

With CyberCentric you choose who you want to view your data, and the system ensures that only those authorized will view your data.

Insider Threat Detection

CyberCentric learns which employees have access to sensitive data and monitors employee usage of sensitive data to ensure that no data is being leaked through employee mishandling.

Unmatched Data-leak Discovery

If your data is leaked through malicious means or simple human error, CyberCentric discovers the source of the leak and takes actions to prevent further leakage of sensitive data.

Visualize Your Entire Network

CyberCentric offers an unprecedented ability to visualize your entire cybersecurity network. Instantly learn who’s on your network, and what data they are accessing. Discover hidden silos of your sensitive data.

3rd Party Vendor Auditing

Our system allows company's to manage precisely how 3rd party vendors are using their most sensitive data. Apply for a demo to learn more!

On-Premises or in the cloud

Our system can either be deployed within your organizations private data center, or in the cloud. No matter where our clients decide to deploy, we ensure that the system is up and running within 24 hours. 

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