How it works.

The CyberCentric platform simplifies the process of ensuring that your organization's most sensitive data is only accessed by those that you've authorized. At the heart of our platform is our AI engine, Hector, that we've built over the last two years. Hector learns what is normal behavior on your organization's network, and it then searches for optimal solutions in order to ensure that data is not accidentally or intentionally used by persons unauthorized to have access. We've achieved near 99 percent accuracy in detecting anomalous behavior that leads to unauthorized access. If you'd like to put our system to work for your organization, sign up for a demo today.

Centralized network visibility from a single dashboard

CyberCentric offers realtime visibility into who's on your company's network and what data their accessing.

Our solution helps your organization stay compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR EU, and other complex data privacy regulations.

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The CyberCentric platform automates data leak prevention and ensures that your organization's data is only used in ways that are inline with company data use policies.

The CyberCentric platform enables users to ensure that their data is never mishandled by third and/or fourth party vendors.

Product Features

Prevent Unauthorized Access

With CyberCentric you choose who you want to view your data, and the system ensures that only those authorized will view your data.

Insider Threat Detection

CyberCentric learns which employees have access to sensitive data and monitors employee usage of sensitive data to ensure that no data is being leaked through employee mishandling.

Unmatched Data-leak Discovery

If your data is leaked through malicious means or simple human error, CyberCentric discovers the source of the leak and takes actions to prevent further leakage of sensitive data.

Visualize Your Entire Network

CyberCentric offers an unprecedented ability to visualize your entire cybersecurity network. Instantly learn who’s on your network, and what data they are accessing. Discover hidden silos of your sensitive data.

Easy to Use

The CyberCentric platform was designed to be easy to use, deploy, and maintain. Requiring no special training for users and the system can be set up in less than a day.

24/7 Support

We provide 24X7 support to all of our customers via phone, chat or email. Register for a free demo today and see what the CyberCentric platform can do for your organization.

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